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Console games, like TES, getting console commands would actually be quite beneficial seeing how bethesda You have to have skyrim for both xbox and pc.
 Ever wanted the console from the PC version to your xbox (sorry no PS3)? Well now NOTE:It will disable the Look command (makes you see
 I recently bought Skyrim for the 360 and have heard that console commands are available for it. Can anyone tell me how to use console
 If its not visually obvious, he is clearly using console commands on the xbox 360. When asked how he replied "I don't want it patched." Bringing
 28 Nov 2016 Any console player knows that there are no console commands that can allow godmode on their Xbox or PlayStation. However, using some of
 11 Apr 2016 ive looked at everything and noticed there's no console commands on Xbox one why is that?
 2 Oct 2016 Skyrim Remastered Won't Have Console Commands On PS4 And Xbox But with Bethesda striving to bring mods to PS4 and Xbox One with
 4 Oct 2014
 Bethesda games like the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition have always been known for their customization and modability on the PC platform. Another
 I have lost a valuable item, the Vokun Mask: I sold it early on in game As far as I know unique items stay in every merchant's/shop inventory